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Mothlab is a boutique audio post house that services ad agencies and production companies. We create and mix audio for television, film, radio, web, audiobooks and just about any interactive app or device. We can select, direct, and record talent, create sounds from scratch, add music, and mix it all together so that you can effectively tell your story. At Mothlab, we focus on creating life and innovation through audio and are committed to satisfying our clients.

As you probably know, some of the greatest sounds can come from some rather unconventional places. We have no problem leaving the studio to record them with our top notch gear. At the same time, many of the greatest ideas can come from a creatively conducive studio. At Mothlab, we create a comfortable environment and bring the best out of our talented contributors.

Telling your story through audio and visual components should be seemless and effective. Many of us often forget how important audio is when “watching” a video or commercial. But without the audio, there is no story. It’s like taking the cake away from the icing. At Mothlab, we strive to create audio that conveys your vision whether it’s through sound design, music, or narration. Our exquisite acoustic design, tailored blend of digital and analog equipment, and personal attention to detail will be a part of your professional audio experience. But most of all, at Mothlab, you’ll find yourself among friends. We are just steps from downtown in the historic Warehouse District and offer a comfortable space with lots of amenities. Contact us for audio advice regarding your latest project or stop by to hang and check out the space.