After years of boasting how many channels, busses, and lines a mixing console can accommodate, for the last decade we’ve been in an era where efficiency prevails. These days audio gear comes in very sleek and compact housing that exists to complement our digital recordings- inside the box. Make no mistake that it’s still that same circuitry housed in its analog big brothers that made so many memorable recordings over the last 60 years- just smaller.

Newer, scaled down studios are a very common sight. Especially in audio post. We’ve still got great neve and api preamps, vintage neumann and akg mics..But just not 50 of them. Modular pieces of gear can be chained together in the signal flow of a studio and controlled by smaller mixing surfaces, which function essentially a large mouse.

At the end of the day, after all the talk of tubes, transistors, frequency responses, and whatever else we can nerd out about, a studio can only be as good as the people that run it. Our toys, no matter how big or small, can provide us with some great inspiration, but it’s the way we interact with them that creates energy in a studio.